• 10/12/2012
    We started our tour with a very early departure from Manila airport with a flight bound for Cebu, where we transferred directly to the Tabunan forest for a one night stay. Soon we were out in the field searching for the critical endangered Black Shama which showed very well. We also recorded Visayan Balicassiao, White-vented Whistler, Mangrove Blue Flycatcher (a sure future split) Crimson Sunbird and Visayan Flowerpecker. At dusk we were ready to search for our main target bird, the recently described Cebu Hawk-Owl.
  • 17/05/2012
    One week birding around the 3 main areas in the Pasonanca Reserve resulted in seeing many of the specialties recorded in the watershed. A Philippine Megapode was spotted along a trail at the Intake, at least 4 Blue-crowned Raquet-tails were scoped, and a Mindanao Bleeding-Heart was heard calling in Cabonegro.
  • 17/04/2012
    We recently visited the remote mountains of Southern Palawan in search of the little known and rarely seen Palawan Striped-babbler. The massive Mount Mantalingajan near Brooke’s Point was the starting point for this expedition.
  • 30/03/2012
    After many visits to the Hamut Camp, we decided to explore Camp Sawa which is about 6km north of Hamut Camp. This excellent forested site currently offers the best chance to see the splendid Whiskered Pitta, among many other Luzon endemics the Sierra Madre mountains hold.
  • 28/01/2012
    A 5 days visit to the island of Tawi-Tawi in the Sulu sea resulted splendid views of the most critical endangered Sulu Hornbills at least 5 birds where seen.